Spotlight Cam Pro - Do motion zones apply to the light?

Hi. Just got the Spotlight Cam Pro (battery powered) about a week ago. I’m in a second-floor apartment and I have it pointed at my front door and there’s a large window next to the door. It was triggering every time I stood in the window, so I set up a motion zone to exclude the window and only look at the door and the rest of the balcony area. But at night, the light comes on when I look out the window. No event, no recording, no notification, just the light for 10 seconds or so. Wondering if this is as designed? Does the motion zone apply to the light and the camera or just to the camera?

I called support but the agent didn’t seem to fully grasp what I was trying to get at I’m afraid. They tried having me adjust the motion sensitivity and a few other things, but none of that made any difference.

I feel like this might be a firmware bug, but maybe they intend it to work this way. But if so, it’s certainly annoying. :slight_smile:

Note, there is no motion zone setting specific to the light and no light sensitivity setting in the Ring app for this device which I assume is as intended. I verified that I have the most recent version of the Android app (3.70.0).


Hi @pbrown280. I checked with my teams, and I can clarify that this behavior is intended. If the Motion-Activated Lights toggle is on, the light may come on with motion detected by the light sensor. These motions may not be detected by the camera, so there won’t be a motion event recorded. Reflective surfaces, such as a window, are a common trigger for the light as well.