Spotlight Cam Pro - Battery - when apply power

I have a Spotlight Cam Pro - Battery device that I have plugged in the USB C-type connector so that it has constant power. This will charge the battery but the system is indicating that device is running off of the battery and is using those parameters for operation. If the device is always receiving power via the USB-C connection why isn’t it using the “always has power” and operate accordingly. It appears that part of the system know it is powered via the USB but other parts of the system thinks it is in battery mode. Is there something to get it working correctly.
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Hi @Shawn_NH. With the Spotlight Cam Pro, you can swap the Power Mode under Device Settings > General Settings > Power Mode. You can choose between Battery, Wired, or Dual Power Mode. I’d recommend checking this setting to see if it’s set to Battery. If it is, change this to Wired or Dual Power Mode, which will automatically change the mode to Battery if the Camera loses its wired connection and vice versa. Let me know if that helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response. I only get two options to choose between, Battery and Wired. I selected wired, and it want to take me thru setup again (wifi setup etc.). I exited out of that. I thought the system would be smart enough to trickle charge the batter while the unit is plugged in, and run at the setting for a wired unit while it has power. When power goes away, for whatever reason, the system would revert to the lower power settings of battery only. Am I missing something here?
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@Shawn_NH I have a few more questions so I can clarify this information with my team. Can you provide a picture of the power adapter you’re using with your Spotlight Cam? Is this from Ring or is a third-party accessory? If you complete the swap from Battery to Wired under Power Mode, does the Camera still show as being in the Battery Power Mode? Feel free to share screenshots of what you see on your end as well if that’s easier.

@Caitlyn_Ring, sorry for the delayed response. I am plugging into the back a traditional USB-C cable that is powered by a standard USB Power cube. It has the gasket around connection point to the Ring Camera to protect it from weather. This is a 3rd party.
It states that device is in Battery Mode.

I still think it is easy to be dual mode. When the USB is plugged in, the battery should charge, and the device is in Wired-Mode. When the USB power is removed, then the system goes into battery mode, and since the battery was charged you have the maximum amount of time in battery mode possible. This is the optimal solution.

Hi @Shawn_NH. I’m happy to chime in. We do not advise using third party USB-C adapters with the Spotlight Cam Pro, we suggest using the Ring Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter (USB-C) for it to work correctly as a Wired device. If you are using the correct adapter, then your concern could be related to this Community post, which has a marked solution.

@Justin_Ring, USB is a standard. The device that you are selling, cost more, and will require that the power adapter connection is outside. So I not have a block of tackle per se with 110V connected outside to this adapter because my application need a longer USB cable.
I do not understand the design decision to create this setup/requirement. You have external power being supplied by USB-C, it charges the battery, and you can sense when the power is removed. This makes the RING setup an inferior solution. The USB-C connector does charge my batteries. Is there another signal that is used by the RING Camera to determine if you are using a RING “Approved” USB-C external power supply? If so, can you please outline that for me. I want to make my own. This is disappointing.

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They are doing the same thing to the Ring Stick Up Cam. I have 4 cameras with four 3rd party adapters that worked perfectly fine for months, then they released a software update that apparently makes them useless. If they don’t address these issues and stop forcing us to use their overpriced adapters, these will be my last Ring cameras. More people need to be vocal about this absurdity.