Spotlight Cam Pro Battery Solar Panel Not Charging Batteries

I have 2 Spotlight Cam Pros. Solar panel did not show connected or charging batteries on either one of them. out of desperation I put 2 batteries in one of them and they came up connected and charging. Which that one is working fine now. (with 2 batteries)
Sadly the other one has 2 batteries and the solar panel is not charging the batteries. I have worked with Ring support with no results, and they say the solar panel is defective, but they are out of stock and do not know when they will be back in stock, for about 2 months now.
I have read all the articles I can find on this problem and have tried all the fixes that I have seen. But the problem still is there. No charge from solar panel.
I have had Ring products for about 3 years now and replaced some of my ring products for the newer version, Big Mistake, I wish I had not done that.
Very Disappointed in Ring. Not worth the effort, and headache.

Hi @Naz123. I’m sorry that you are having this experience. If the Solar Panel is defective, and we are out of stock, unfortunately there’s not much that can be done. While you are waiting for the Solar Panel you need to be in stock, you may be able to find one somewhere like Home Depot or Best buy. I hope this helps.

Hi there,
I’m having the same issue. My cameras won’t charge. It loses its charge after one day! And never charges back up. As a single mom I should invest in a ladder and do it myself. But I haven’t yet and I’ve had them out to fix it three times. They usually send someone from dish network and they don’t know about ring at all. Any advice for me? Is it normal for the battery to run out so fast? I even got new batteries charged them and they are dead now too. And the Solar doesn’t charge it efficiently. I get usually a few hours a day on one camera if I’m lucky. I need these for protection from someone who wants to harm me so these cameras are very important in keeping me and my child safe.

Thank you

Need help badly

Hi @Mama-Bear. What specific camera model/Solar Panel do you have? What is the RSSI for these devices? How many times per day does your camera activate? Does the camera show as connected to Solar in the Ring app? On the camera, is the Solar Panel cable properly seated in the port?

It’s the spot light cam and it’s the camera that’s not working. I’ve swapped the panels to one that is charging and no change as far as charging and it’s not showing up on the app. Five technicians have been out to try and fix it. Two cameras sane make and model work fine now that we fixed the placement issue. I’ve been reading and troubleshooting since I got the ring alarm. This is the last issue and it’s the camera. The panel is fine and it’s getting direct sunlight. How do I get a replacement to this camera. I’m sure if you call the techs they will agree with this assessment.

Hi @Mama-Bear. That was an excellent troubleshooting step to try on your Camera that is not taking a trickle charge from the Solar Panel. You can also try a factory reset by pressing and holding the setup button on it for 20–25 seconds and reconnecting it to your wifi. If you have tried this step and are still having the same concern, reach out to our support team for further assistance. If our support team deems a replacement is necessary, they will replace it as long as your device is under warranty.

To all questions …I have tried everything and have had six ring techs come out! I need my camera replaced. It’s obvious it’s just a faulty camera. That conclusion is validated by the techs that have come out. At least the last time we knew 100% so the camera needs replacing. How do I get another one and send this one back? That’s all I need to know

@Mama-Bear. Our support team will replace a device after they deem it necessary and verify that your Camera is still under warranty. I have provided a link in my previous response for our support team.