Spotlight cam pro battery plugged in but says in battery mode

Same here with Spotlight Cam Plus. I have two. Worked well for about two weeks and then one of the camera’s went into “Battery Mode” - although the camera’s a are both wired (no batteries in the cams). Very disappointed - especially after reading this thread which makes it clear that no solution is offered by Ring.

Have the same issue, it will switch between battery and powered on its own without touching it, must be firmware issue.

I have the same issue it started a week ago. Less than a month old.

same problem need to see why light were going off in 30 seconds and can’t change setting because it’s in battery mode and can not get it to change to power mode to keep lights on longer please help ring

I’m having the same issue here. I have a new camera on the way but will also purchase a 30w USB adapter as well. We will see how this goes. I hope it fixes this problem. I like the Ring family but this is ridiculous!
Thanks to the one poster that figured it out about the wattage.

Was this ever fixed, the solar is a great camera. Seems the pro is junk. Any advice getting it out of battery mode would be appreciated

Hi - this is still an issue. Has been for months. No update. No firmware change? This is unsafe.

My wired spotlight cam pro is plugged in with the Ring-supplied power adapter, no battery installed. The power mode shows wired, but live view is disabled because the general settings shows the device is in battery mode (again, there are no batteries in the device). And I cannot select certain settings because the device thinks it’s in battery mode. I’m paying for a service that im not receiving. Is there any update on a solution?

Same tied story here! We’ve had the Spotlight Cam Pro installed for about 2 months, completing a Ring setup, and a couple of weeks ago we got the battery mode warning - despite it being wired only, no batteries used at all. Same as others - can stream on the web, not through the app (timeline snapshots only) - and trying the Ring suggestions changes nothing.
Looks like it is the Ring hardwired power supply is the issue so I’d expect at some point an upgraded version… if Ring ever decide to address the issue!

Similar issue. Just started today in Toronto, Canada after 12 day usage. Ring spotlight cam plus plug-in. Notification says “stopped receiving power. To keep it online and avoid draining its battery, reconnect power soon.” This is not operating in battery mode-no battery installed. It is plugged-in with the included USB-C power cable. Tried reboot, reset, unplug and plug back in both at the camera usb-c connection and at the outlet, circuit breaker reset, removing device from account and adding back, resetting internet connection etc… NOTHING WORKS. Device was working properly until today. Now works for 20 to 30 minutes after resetting but need to climb on ladder and push button on top of device to reconnect/ reset every 20 to 30 minutes. What is RING doing to fix this issue? I now appear to have purchased a useless brick.

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Ring techs are off shore n follows a script they dont understand basic usb-c power specs nor wiring of pro charging system.
Once again Ring support any updates to this issue? Camera pro dual battery charging via solar panel possible?

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Update: So after calling and speaking with tech support confirming that all troubleshooting was completed, firmware up to date, and requesting replacement (as per recommendation from other posts), a replacement camera was received and installed. No issues thus far with replacement. Interesting that when removing original camera, the camera’s usb-c port appeared to have what looked like a minor short/damage. Replacement now installed with added bead of caulking around plug-in just in case. After 2 days of having original camera sitting inside, started up with none of the original noted issues. Will be returning original after a couple more days of seeing how the replacement performs.

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Hi @Lspo. It’s great to hear that our support team was able to assist you!

Yes, the “engineering team is working on the issue” but it has been since the beginning of the year this forum had described the issue (didn’t see it until now when I had the issue)

Why does Ring continue to sell this product when it is defective? I asked for a replacement, but the support agent said the next one will have the same issue. This is a complete scam.


Whilst on holiday my ‘New’ Spotlight Cam Pro Plug-In,
Suddenly stopped receiving power.
All my other Ring cameras are all good.
I have gone as far as checking the power and camera and they all work.

The transformer part of the cable that joins the camera and 240v lead seems to be the problem.
Anybody have the same issue or knowledge / advice how to remedy this issue?


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Thank you for this, works perfect now!

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Thanks to ‘pluber’ for posting a solution to this on July 19… And to the others confirming this worked. I used a Samsung 25w charger with USB-C on both ends… No more issues. So simple, I can’t believe Ring engineers haven’t figured this out.

If you’re having issues, go to July 19 and read what was written. I plugged it in and it switched to wired mode immediately. I did not do any resets and it still has a battery inside of it (I moved it indoors recently where it was hooked up to solar). You need a more powerful power supply.

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I had the same problem. The power supply from the USB-C outlet and the cable has to support a higher power wattage, in order for the camera to be able to change to wired mode.
Buy a cable and usb-c charger that provides 65w . There’s no need to reboot the camera, just go to the settings.


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