Spotlight Cam Pro Ball & Socket Issue

I bought a Spotlight Cam Pro camera. The screw on the collar of the ball and socket bracket would not expand enough to allow the ball to be placed in the socket. I called Ring Support and the Support Rep instructed me to return the camera to Amazon. I ordered another Spolight Cam Pro camera which arrived today. It has the exact same problem. This camera does not come with an orange screwdriver. Instead the instructions say to use a Phillips Head screwdriver.

This is frustrating. I bought Ring products because they are simple. I am ready to switch to a competitor product.

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Take the screw all the way out, take the bracket off the camera, push it on then try reinserting the screw

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I just ordered one and am having the same issue. They know their products are usually specific to their tools in most cases. What’s the remedy for this issue?

Hey neighbors. Any Phillips-head screwdriver should be compatible with the standard sized screw in the collar. If you need a compatible screwdriver or new mounting hardware, you can find one here. I hope this helps.

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I ordered 3 of these and I have noticed that even if I get the ball into the socket, and tighten the screw, it actually easily pops out when I am trying to adjust the camera direction slightly. This is a complete design flaw. Also not very secure, as anyone that knows this can pull off the camera very very easily!

These are my first spotlight pro cameras and I am struggling to find a bracket so I can place the camera on the side of my house and be able to angle it so it will capture the view along the side of my house. Instead with the existing mount, the camera cannot rotate left or right too much before the ball pops out of the socket. Resulting in the camera really only capturing my neighbors backyard instead of the area between my house and my fence and the gate to my backyard. Is there a bracket or mount that will allow a greater degree of camera angling?

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Hi @K2M10210. The Spotlight Cam Pro is compatible with the Gutter Mount, the Wall Mount, and the Pole Mount. You can check to see if any of these mounts may work better for where you’re planning to install your Spotlight Cam Pro.


Did you figure anything out?

I am considering the Spotlight Cams but am not able to figure out how to attach the Spotlight Cam to my existing 1/4 inch screw mounts. Also, youtube reviews seem to indicate that picutre quality from the Spotlight Cams are not that great.

I found this third party mount on Amazon that supposedly allows mounting Spotlight Cam to a adjustable screw mount. But, it also looks like it’s been breaking off.

Metal Mount for Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Sturdy Mount by ALERTCAM (1 Pack)

Hi there. I’m having the same issue with the spotlight cam pro which I just received. It is the 2nd spotlight cam pro already. The security screw will not come out? I have a 6 different Phillips screwdrivers and none fit. I have a ring orange screwdriver which didn’t come with the product but it also doesn’t fit. Help - what do I do?

Hi @RingNYC. For your concern, give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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