Spotlight cam Plus, The new ones are no good. Nothing but trouble

I purchased the spotlight cam plus to replace an old Spotlight cam wired.
I received it Oct 30th. Right form the go there were issues so I had them trouble shoot it and order a replacement.
After calling them no less that 10 times, getting 3 different replacements ordered o re initiated, I finally, 2 months later received the replacement.
Swapped it out and same exact problems as the first one, right from the get go.

I purchased my same old camera on amazon and received it in 1 day, took out the new spotlight cam plus and put the Spotlight cam Wired in and have had no issues whatsoever.

The old cameras are rock solid.
The new ones are junk. Because I was waiting for the replacement for 2 months they denied me a refund on the new camera. BECAUSE I WAITED FOR THEIR SORRY SUPPORT TO REPLACE THE DEFECTIVE CAMERA.
So I’m now doing a charge back to get my money back and ship this junk back.

Buyer beware of the new cameras and the poor customer support.