Spotlight Cam Plus - Stopped receiving power

My spotlight camera plus has stopped receiving power. I have tried the following with no success.
New power out let.
Reset of the camera.
The following is what’s currently been shown on the health data.

Hi @Incs1007. How do you have your Spotlight Cam Plus powered? Is this the plug-in or battery model? Have you tried performing a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device?

Hello Caitlyn, this issue has been ongoing for a while. You previously responded to a similar post here: Camera stopped receiving power. To keep it online and avoid draining its battery, reconnect power soon

I have the same issue. Any official responses from Ring? This continues to happen after doing all device resets and reconnection. There is no problem with the outlet.

I have same issue power to socket but no power to spotlight cam? Tested fuse in plug which is fine camera is dead. I purchased it in November been working great up until 18th feb?

Would is the next step?

Hi neighbors, it would be helpful if you could share a few more details on this. When you’re able to, please answer the following questions:

  • Which model of Ring Camera do you have specifically? The device name is located on the Device Health page in the Ring app. This is important since there are different models of the Spotlight Cam.
  • How is your camera powered? Do you have the Quick Release Battery Pack installed alongside the plug-in power adapter? Is there a Ring Solar Panel in use?
  • Are you seeing a specific error message or push notification regarding the power status? Feel free to share a screenshot of this.

I’m happy to look into this with my team to determine the best troubleshooting steps, or if the issue needs to be escalated to our support team. :slight_smile: