Spotlight cam plus started dropping wifi

Spotlight Cam Plus installed in March. Easy setup and connected fine with WiFi. Since late November keeps dropping WIFi restores when I change or readjust batteries BUT drops wifi after short period like 20 min. I moved the wifi router extender to a point 12 feet (through a wall) from the 30 feet it was all summer. Still drops the wifi after a short period.
WiFi is no problem.
Batteries are fully charged
Thoughts? Suggestions? Worked for months.
When I switch or adjust batteries it reconnects - just won’t sustain.

Confirmed that router is on and router is now 10 feet from the camera.
Spotlight cam plus keeps dropping the wifi.

After readjust batteries it connects then drops after some minutes.

Has worked from March to December with no problem. Batteries managed regularly and register high charge

WiFi is not problem.
Proximity to router is not problem.
Dropping from the camera

Have enjoyed the Spotlight cam plus, but this is very frustrating.

Hi @BennK. What is the RSSI listed as on the Device Health page in the Ring app? The RSSI is a measure of the signal strength that your device is receiving. Also, how cold is the weather where you’re at currently? Very cold weather can negatively impact the performance of lithium-ion batteries, like the ones used in Ring devices. This could be affecting the connectivity.