Spotlight Cam Plus (Plug-In) USB-C Extension option?

Hi, I’m trying to get a USB-C Extension Cable to use with the Spotlight Cam Plus (Plug-In). Although this cable 10 ft. USB-C Extension Cable (USB-C Solar Panels) | Ring says it works with Spotlight Cam Plus, after a back-and-forth call with customer support who said it should work, advanced tech support said it is not compatible.
Can anyone shed any light on what is unique about this extension cable to cause a compatibility issue?

Hi @CambridgeUser. You said you have a Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-In, so are you looking for an extension for the power cable on the Plug-In Cam? The USB-C Extension Cable is intended for use with a USB-C Camera and a USB-C Solar Panel, it is not intended to be used with the Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-In’s power adapter.

Hi Caitlyn, Thank you for your response. Perhaps you can get the information for the extension cable clarified? 10 ft. USB-C Extension Cable (USB-C Solar Panels) | Ring clearly states
Please note:. *
Works with Solar Panel (USB-C), Small Solar Panel (USB-C), Spotlight Cam Plus, Spotlight Cam Pro.

@CambridgeUser That’s correct, because it is used as an extension cable between the Spotlight Cam Plus and the USB-C Solar Panel. Thanks for your feedback.