Spotlight cam plus plug-in no light duration

Just installed a plug in Spotlight Plus. I see no place in the app to set light duration when motion detected. Customer service had me reinstall app, no change. Further response was well I guess it’s not a function. I have earlier gens that have that option. Any Plus Plug-in users here ?

Hi @ghoofie. Any options regarding the lights will be under Device Settings > Light Settings. Typically, wired devices have a Motion Zones for Lights option within the Light Settings, and this is where the Auto-Shutoff Timer is located. The Auto-Shutoff Timer controls how long the light stays on after motion is detected. The features available will vary to some degree between different devices.

I know that. My point is that the app doesn’t have that for the Spotcam Plus Plug-in. But the earlier spotcam plugins do have that setting.


My Spotlight Cam Pro wired also has no setting for light timer.
If I place it in a group the timer is only allowing 30 seconds, but I can turn it on all night long in the schedule section.
Makes no sense.

I just started a new topic on this. What nonsense, charging more for less, the non-“pro” version has all these options. I’d return except for the hassle. The fact that Ring won’t implement a simple app update is very troubling. This space is ready for a new major competitor.

I first installed the floodlight cam wired plus. It has the option under light settings for automatic shutoff timer. Nice. So I decided to get three more light/cams but opted instead for the spotlight cam pro wired. After all, the marketing material says it provides “unparalleled protection with our most advanced features to date”. After unsuccessfully searching the app and internet for a solution, I contacted customer service and was told the automatic shutoff timer option is not available with the spotlight cams, only the floodlights. What? The rep said he would pass my complaint up the chain and to the engineers but aside from that there was nothing else they could do for now. Unfortunately, the return period for these cams just expired so I’m stuck with this junk. So disappointing and dumb!

I have a similar issue. I bought the Spotlight Cam Wired Pro, and the light only stays on for 30 seconds at a time, even though it is not battery powered. I tried taking the battery out to see if that would help, but no changes. Ideally I’d like to be able to leave it on for as long as I want.

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