Spotlight Cam Plus Not working

This is a brand new camera, I bought 2 of them on Ring website.
Try to set up the device following the app instructions, at one point it says:
“Connect your Spotlight Cam to a power outlet - Be sure to use a RingIndor/outdoor power adapter with a USB-C plug. Then wait 30seconds for your sportlight cam to turn on.”
A the bottom there is a button that says “Sportlight cam is on”

I waited the 30 seconds with no luck. Also I try to battery power it (ring batteries fully charged), still not working. I wued the power adapter from the other camera, still not working. I also try to push the button on top of it. Still not working.

What I can do next? Any idea? Thanks

Hi @user54051. Those were excellent troubleshooting steps to try for this concern. Try also factory resetting your Camera to see if it helps. To factory reset it, press and hold the setup button for 20–25 seconds while it’s plugged into power. If it is still unresponsive after trying this step, call our support team for further assistance.

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