Spotlight cam plus - motion not accurate

Hi all,
I installed the wireless spotlight cam plus recently. There are a couple of issues with motion sensing on it:

  1. The camera picks up people outside the area I have set. It shows a record in the history and you can clearly see it’s someone outside the motion area. Is there a way to deal with this and stop false detections?
  2. The spotlight comes on at different times to the motion sensing, and seemingly much more often. It could be picking up in the same area as the motion for the video recording, or perhaps it works on a different sensor?

Is anyone is able to help with these 2 queries that would be great. Thanks.

Hi @User123000. Try adjusting your Motion Zones. I have found that having a few separate Motion Zones that don’t overlap tends to work better for me. In the Ring app, check under Device Settings > Light Settings for your Spotlight Cam. This is where you can find all of the light settings available, including the toggle for the light to come on when motion is detected.

Thanks for the suggestion. I do have a motion zone setup. I originally had 2 or 3 but now have a very conservative single zone that’s away from the front wall. There’s a pavement past the wall and there’s a detection last night where you can obviously see it was trigged by someone on the pavement even though the motion zone is well away from there.

Also, the lights on the camera are triggered much more often than I recording. Do they have a different motion sensor which doesn’t use the motion zone I’ve set?

@User123000 What settings do you see available under Device Settings > Light Settings? Also to confirm, you have the Spotlight Cam Battery Plus? The Light settings available vary depending on which model of Camera you have, as well as how it is powered.

One other thing to check for the motion settings would be the Smart Alerts, which are only available when you have a Ring Protect subscription. Some neighbors find that they prefer not to use Smart Alerts, while other neighbors do. Otherwise, I would recommend following up with our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting assistance regarding the motion detection on your Camera.

Yes, battery plus.
The lights are set to motion activated lights. I cannot see any settings to tell it to use the motion zone or not. Do the lights use the set motion detection zone?

In the motion settings I have smart alerts set to you however it also records all motion (but does not notify me). This way I can look back at records and easily see that there is a person detected walking along the pavement even though that is not in the motion zone. I can also see the lights turning on when there is no motion detected by the camera.

I do not understand how all these things are linked! Are the lights connected to the motion zone too?
It seems like there is a fault with the motion zone not working correctly hence it picking up people on the pavement, which I do not want.

@User123000 I confirmed with my teams that the light on the Spotlight Cam Battery Plus should only turn on when motion is detected. The motion detection for the light is not separate from the camera, which is how the Floodlight Camera operates.

If the light is coming on without a motion detection alert in the Ring app, I’d recommend rebooting your Spotlight Cam in the Ring app. You can find this option at the bottom of the Device Health screen. The reboot should only take a few minutes. If that doesn’t resolve this problem, it may be best to follow up with our support team so they can investigate further.

The Spotlight Cam Plus Plugin Camera Motion Zones simply do not work. All of the responses to-date have absolutely nothing to do that will fix the issue. It is a design flaw, the camera simply detects anything that is visible. It is totally useless! I essentially set the motion zone to nearly ZERO yet detects and notifies for any movement by a person more than 100’ from the camera. This newer version sucks! It is cheaply made and you get what you pay for. I will replace when possible all 4 of my cameras with another manufacturer. Ring cares only about the cost of the product manufactured and it doesn’t matter that the functionality doesn’t work. I don’t need to Customer Service. The system simnply doesn’t meet customer expectations.

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I’ve just upgraded from a stickup cam battery to a wired spotlight cam plus and 100% agree that motion zones simply do not work on the spotlight cam.
It picks up every movement inside and outside the motion zone and nothing I’ve tried in terms of settings or motion zone design makes this work.
On the stickup cam, it worked perfectly where I only got notifications and recordings from movement within the motion zone.
I called support and they just keep advising me to delete the motion zones I’ve created and use the default zone. This doesn’t fix it.
Come on Ring, sort this out!

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