Spotlight Cam Plus - Motion Detection Zone setting smaller than Live View

Hi All,
I’ve recently installed a Spotlight Cam Plus and noticed when setting the Motion Detection Zone that the app is not showing the full image that I see on Live View. It looks like the top 20% of the image is missing and cannot be selected. I’ve tried scrolling up in the app, but it doesn’t do anything. The app is up to date on my iPhone. I’ve tried an iPad and another Android device, but it’s the same. I also have a floodlight cam and stick up cam, and when I set the motion detection zones on these devices, the image shown for selection is the same as the live view.
As I’m new user I can only upload 1 image, so the attached image is the motion detection zone I can set. Yet on live view you can see the rest of my front garden and some of the street beyond.
Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

This is the live view image…

Hi @nimbus. You can find the answer to this question here, where it has been asked before.

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Many thanks for this. I think this issue/limitation should be fully communicated to your telephone support agents.

I spent an hour on the phone last week with an agent who went back and forth with the technical department. They clearly did not believe the motion detection zone was less than the full live view area displayed as they tried firmware updates and then decided the camera was faulty and have sent me a new one.

Obviously I have configured this replacement device in and the ‘issue’ still remains. If i had not seen your response and link to the Stick Up Cam issue I would’ve been back on the phone to technical support.

But thanks again for providing the clarification.

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