Spotlight Cam Operating Temperature Range

Will the Solar Spotlight Cam survive Arizona temperatures? I want to purchase one for driveway security. I would mount it to the fascia above the garage door. My garage faces south and is in constant sunshine. In the summer, AZ air temps will hit 115*+. I have measured surface temps on my garage door at 150*+.

Good question @1mrdad! Our Cams do have an operating temperature range which can be found in the “tech specs” of each product at For the Spotlight Cams, this temperature range is -5°F to 120°F (-20.5°C to 48.5°C) for the Battery option, and -22°F to 120°F (-30°C to 48.5°C) for the Wired options. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

So, will the camera just not work when it is too hot, or will the heat damage the camera. I don’t want to invest $200, if the heat is going to permanently damage the camera.


I have the same question. I live in Texas and just in the time it took to install the camera, I could feel it was getting hot. Our temps don’t typically reach 115, but I don’t know if that’s only counting weather or surface level temps.

Hey neighbors! Wanted to chime in here. I have a friend that lives in Arizona and has lived through a couple summer times that get that hot, but have not had a problem with their outdoor Ring devices overheating in these hot temperatures. Of course, this can be variable with how often the device is in this direct sunlight and getting this heat, so we recommend ensuring your device is functioning properly over time to ensure there is not damage to the device. If you have any concerns with your device and how it operating and have a feeling it may be due to the heat outside, you can call our support team for a proper follow up on this.

I have the same issue with direct sunlight in the summer time, surface temps are between 105 and 140 all summer. My Video doorbell has broken down twice and I think it’s heat. I want to buy more RIng products, but the temperature specs listed are not good enough. I no longer trust they will last. Sadly, I will need to find another solution which will cost more money.

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Our spotlight cam usually stops working if the temperature stays around -10 celsius for more than a couple hours, it is suppose to be able to sustain colder wheater, i just called ring support again and i was tod to wait untill the winter is over…Today is -2 celsius and one of the 2 batteries is no longer charging when outside…The cam is connected to a solar panel.

This is very disapointing!

I can tell you that they do not work in low temps. Ours have been offline for days, the batteries are not charging with the solar panels. So even though the specs say -5 to 120 they cannot handle the cold. Also they should be transmitting on their own when power or internet goes out but that too was affected by the cold, including the security system inside the house. So all in all our system has been “offline” for days now

The camera itself is probably fine with the cold temperatures (maybe someone with a wired cam can chime in regarding that) but the lithium-ion batteries that the cameras use will not function when the temperature gets below -5F. We had a 10 day or so span of -15F to -25F temperatures at night, and my cams would go offline during the overnight hours. They would come back online in the morning once the sun came up and the temperature warmed up a bit. The cameras also rely on internet connectivity in order to function, so if your internet is down due to power loss other factors the cameras will not be able to send their recordings to the cloud.

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