Spotlight cam - only installed 3 weeks ago but now 27% battery

I installed 2 battery powered spotlight cams about 3 weeks ago (they were fully charged) but when I checked today was shocked to see that 1 of them is only 27% battery.

Now we work at home and the house is completely open (no fences etc) so we’re always moving around outside but I would certainly have hoped for better than that.

Motion frequency is on “light” and I have it on “live view” but I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do ? I really don’t fancy having to charge them up every few weeks and I presume battery life deteriorates over time as well ?

Help !

Hey @Kt1966! Excellent work using the battery preservation settings to your advantage. That will certainly help with battery life. Our Solar Panel or Super Solar Panel is also a popular addition for extending the time between charges.

Other than settings, our Community post about battery draining contains some great tips on optimizing battery life and variables to consider. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for the quick response.

I’ve looked through the community articles already and I think I’ve done everything that I can to preserve battery life (RSSI is hood as well).

The principle reason so many events are being recorded is because me, my family and dog are continually moving around the house and garden.

There’s seemingly no way of switching things off completely during the times when we are in (or is there?) as even if I pause for a few hours, then it’s still recording and draining battery.

I’m pretty frustrated by all of this and considering returning the cameras and doorbell to Costco as I can’t contemplate charging everything every few weeks.

Appreciate your thoughts.

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