Spotlight cam on front porch

Currently, I have a 1st generation Doorbell and i am looking at purchasing and installing a Ring Spotlight Cam in the porch and it will be located about 6ft above the current Doorbell. Here is my question; I see that the spotlight cam is also equipped with 2 way speaker will this conflict with the Doorbell when some approaches the porch?

you can link the two cameras to show different angles. If there is motion that is picked up by the spotlight you can link the ring camera so that way you have better coverage together. It should not interfere with ring camera.

Thanks rpb for your reply so, you do not foresee a conflict with voice over the doorbell and Cam? Thanks again

I have both, they do not interfere with each other. They will aid each other by recording at the same time as the person above stated but they wont take away from each other. They each record on their own timeline. The two way audio is kept separate as well. Only thing is the spotlights lightbulbs cannot be changed or replaced right now.