Spotlight cam not detecting motion

My spotlight cam is working but it is missing at least 50% of the motion it should be picking up. I have to link my stick up cams just so my spotlight cam will record the motion in my driveway. I have all settings maxed out, I’ve deleted the device/updated it multiple times and nothing improves it. Has anyone had this problem before and have a solution? I remember this happened last year to my old spotlight cam so I ended up buying a new one thinking that was the issue but it wasn’t. I know it’s not a Wi-Fi/app issue as all of my stick up cams and floodlights work perfectly fine. Super frustrating!

Hi @Ring011. I recommend first double checking the Motion Settings once more, to make sure they are set exactly how you want your Spotlight Camera to work. You will also want to verify your Motion Frequency (option for battery operated cameras), which depending on the setting that the Spotlight Camera is set to, can cause the camera to not record all motions to preserve battery. Lastly, placement of the Spotlight camera is key as well to have its motion detection work its best. You can find the details for placement Here. I hope this helps!