Spotlight cam mount out of stock

This item seems permanently out of stock. Do any other products (cams) link to existing floodlights ? Thanks

Are you looking into the Gutter Mount or the Pole Mount? If so, there should be an option on the page to be notified by email when it is available for order.

There are some great mounting options in stock on our accessories page at, if any other options work for you of course! :slight_smile:

No. I’m looking for the item called Spotlight Cam Mount.

There is no option to receive an email alert. The item has now been out of stock for 6 weeks.

Thank you for the clarification on that! It looks like the Spotlight Camera Mount is available for order at, but does have a notice that it will “Ship in 1 - 2 weeks” (for the US region). As I look into it further, I do see that UK and EU regions show it is out of stock, and do not have the option to sign up for updates. I will certainly pass this feedback along to our teams here, thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you. This is most helpful. Would I be able to ship from the US? I’m particularly keen to buy as this product allows linking to external floodlights. Do other cameras have the same option? Thanks again.

I’m glad you asked, @TimWe! Please do not order the US version if you are in another region, for safety, installation, and intended experience reasons. Power in the US is much different (usually less) than other regions, and the Cameras are designed specifically for the power/ wiring in the regions intended for.

Keep an eye on that product page at (for your region) for updates on the availability status. In the meantime, neighbors have also shared success with checking what is in stock at

Good advice. Thank you.

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