Spotlight Cam Mount - Not Connecting After Update

Hello all,

Writing to see if anyone has some guidance on an issue that just arose for me.

Yesterday, I installed a Mount Spotlight Cam.

Turned everything on and went through the startup process, which seemed to work without a problem. Camera connected to the app and provided some video footage.

Then I got a message saying that the unit was going to install a software update and following the update, the unit seems blocked.

When I power it on (through the breaker box), the light stay illuminated constantly and a green light from the sensor below is emited.

I have turned the unit off and on a couple of times and have tried the button on the top of the camera to go back to set-up mode, with no success.

It is also worth noting that the unit is broadcasting its WiFi signal.

If anyone has any guidance on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards - Nathan

No guidance, but I have the exact same problem. Ring was no help. Told me to contact amazon and ask for a return.

Since I couldn’t find anything online, I ended up calling Ring customer support.

Seems that they reached the same conclusion that something was faulty, but instead of having to go through Amazon (where I purchased it), they’re going to send out a replacement camera.

Just have to send back the old one when I get the new one.

Can I ask if you bought your ring cam from amazon and if so, were you in the return window. The ring rep I talked to was quite rude to me and kept saying “my hands are tied since you are in the amazon return window”.

Hi There - Yes, I did get it from Amazon, but it’s the “mount” camera, so it needs to get hard-wired to connect.

I don’t know if that’s a factor affecting their response, but thankfully since it’s already wired in, I don’t have to disconnnect everything and send it back.

I would certainly be in the Amazon return window though - I recieved the package last week.

Good luck!

Hi Nathan, I’m having the same problem and I’m in contact with Ring support now. I’ll let you know what I find out.