Spotlight Cam Mount is stuck in some mode, can't bring online

Trying to set up Spotlight Cam Mount, it is connected in my app, and briefly there ewas a live view enabled. Now trying to bring it online. However it seems terminally stuck in a frozen state: the spotlight is on the light is green. I have tried everything and am unable to coax it out of this state.

It isn’t able to enter set up mode. I’m following every step outlined as well as troubleshooting. I have fiddled on/off with my wifi network, rebooted my modem, turned off bluetooth and cellular as advised, held the top button for 15 seconds, but it remains stuck with green light and spotlight on.

It is attempting to join the temporary network between my app and the camera, but unable to join. And the temporary network between my app and the camera is not showing up in the wifi networks.

Can anyone advise?

Thank you.

I called in to RING support and they are sending a replacement camera. It’s frozen or something. Couldn’t delete the post but issue is resolved.

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Sorry to hear about this experience @Solaris! We are glad to see you got it resolved with our support team.

Thank you for not only sharing your experience, but also updating us on your results for a solution. I’ve accepted your response as a solution, in case other neighbors might also find this helpful! :slight_smile:

Sorry to dig up an old post but I just went through the exact same problem, but with 2 cameras bought from the same store. It sounds like they released a bad batch at some point. Poor quality control I guess. I’m having them ship me a replacement this time rather than possibly going through this a 3rd time.