spotlight cam mount: can the motion schedule control the light?

I have just installed a spotlight cam mount. I have created a motion schedule to prevent motion alerts for a portion of the day and night, which works fine. But the light turns for any motion at night. Can the motion schedule effect the light, too? I don’t want the light to turn on when motion alerts are off due to the motion schedule.


Good question, @FordBoy33! The Spotlight Camera lights are controlled via separate motion controls in the Ring app. While your advanced motion detection can be fine tuned for notifications or events to record, or not to, the lights have mostly an on an off operation. In the Ring app, from the Spotlight Camera device page, there are Device Settings which will allow you to alter the Light Motion zones, as well as the duration they will stay on for after motion is detected. Minimizing these zones will help to prevent the lights coming on too often. Keep in mind, due to the large field of detection of your Spotlight Camera lights, there may be objects or events that can still set off these lights. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: