Spotlight Cam Mount Availability

Hi there,

I’m in UK and I was looking at buying some Spotlight Cam Mounts which are marked as out of stock.

They are going to replace 4 standard eave lights on each corner of my house that are already wired in to a circuit on my board. Am I right in thinking I need the mount version rather than the wired version which are to put into plug sockets.

When are the Spotlight Cam Mounts expected into the UK?

Hi @FalconAyr. I don’t have any information to share on when you can expect the Spotlight Cam Mount to be restocked. In this case you can see if the Spotlight Cam Wired will work for you based on where you’re installing them. You can find installation instructions for the Spotlight Cam Wired here, which should help you decide on what would work for your home. :slight_smile: