Spotlight Cam Motion Detection

What just changed with my spotlight camera detection zones? It was working until two days ago, but now I cannot adjust the range of the detection zone and the default zone is not large enough to cover the area I want to (and have been) cover. The current zone extends only about 3 or 4 feet from the device which makes it essentially useless. If this is a new bug from some update, I would appreciate it if someone could correct it.

Just to clarify, when I go into motion zones in the app, I can turn on or off the 3 zones. Previously there was a slider that allowed me to adjust the size of the zones, but that is now missing.

Any ideas? As it is now, the camera is worthless for the space I need to cover. And I have videos from as recently as Thursday when it was working correctly.


Same issue here. 5 foot coverage is useless.


I’m experincing the same problem and it is very frustrating. I can stand 10 ft away from my camera waving my arms and jumping up and down and it won’t sense motion unless I move within a few feet of the camera.

This started happening to me after a software update on the cameras.


In follow up to my post earlier this morning, I’ve had 2 different Amazon deliveries today and since that post. The spotlight cam captured nothing even though both drivers were in the driveway. The doorbell cam captured them perfectly, the driveway cam… a glimpse when they approached the sidewalk to the door… less than 10 feet from the camera.
C’mon Ring… this has to be fixed ASAP because the camera, right now, is nothing more than an expensive ornament attached to my house. HELP!!!

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Hey neighbors! Thank you for sharing this concern. Here is a Help Center article that goes over utilizing motion detection. I would look that over and see if it offers any improvement. If possible, could you upload either a video or screenshot of how your deice is mounted and how you have your settings adjusted? This will help determine what we might need to adjust. Thanks!

As pkevinclark said above…

" when I go into motion zones in the app, I can turn on or off the 3 zones. Previously there was a slider that allowed me to adjust the size of the zones, but that is now missing."

That seems to be the issue with the spotlight camera app/software. That option is no longer available and distances have been reduced to almost nothing. Attached are the photos requested.


EDIT FOLLOW UP: Usually by this time of day I will have 7-10 videos in my history due to the traffic on the street. Since my post 5 hours ago, only one… when my wife walked directly in front of the camera 4 feet away. PLEASE bring back the slider that allows greater coverage areas.


@MWC44. Thank you for the response! In the screenshot you provided, you should be able to select Continue on the bottom of the screen. Try scrolling up or using a different device to access this Continue button. I’ve attach a screenshot of what you should be seeing. If you’re not seeing this, try uninstalling the Ring App, powering your phone off and back on, and reinstalling the Ring App. Once that is complete, login to the app and see if you can access this feature. Let me know if this works!


Thank you for the suggestion. I tried exactly what you suggested and it is still the same on both my iPhone and iPad. The view in motion settings is exactly as it was in the picture provided in an earlier post. In fact, the camera didn’t even record me pulling out of the garage this morning… right under the camera. I’ve attached two screen shots, one showing the motion settings from the spotlight cam (7) and the other showing the motion settings from the doorbell (8). The motion wizard to set distance is not available any longer on the spotlight cam so there is no way to expand the distance, as the first poster indicated above. Anything else you can suggest would be greatly appreciated because it is still only picking things up (most of the time) when something is within 3-8 feet of the camera. Thanks in advance.

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I agree with you! Ever since that big “crash” ring had a few days ago the app has not been the same! I wrote a story about being able to preview what was going on outside of my house without having to activate the “away” mode. I could just open the app and while in “home” mode I could see what was going on around my house. And now I cannot even see what is going on without setting my Ring to “away” and when I do that if my son is playing outside all the alarms go off! And before i go to bed I activate the “away” mode so that I can capture anything that happens when my family is asleep and if someone was to enter our area the alarm would go off to let us known that someone may be in our area. Now i have to touch each camera to refresh it when “Away” mode if i don’t touch each camera in my dashboard the video recording doesn’t seem to activate. Before the crash I didnt have to touch each camera on the dashboard for it to automatically refresh. And my on my front door my chime pro doesn’t even register when our paperboy is standing right in front of our porch and in the motion zone! I already talked to someone at Ring and they said that the preview is no longer available when in “home” mode. And that i have to activate the motion detection to have a preview of what is going on around my house. But what ring doesn’t seem to understand is that if I have to activate the motion dectection and my son is playing outside he will cause the alarms to sound off, even though I only want to see how my son is doing when playing. I don’t know what happened after the crash and what updates Ring did but now the whole system really sucks and Ring is playing with our sense of security and playing with our security! If the cameras cannot pick up someone standing right in front of it then why even spend all this money for a security camera that doesn’t work! I would suggest to Ring that they change whatever updates they made and put everything back to how it was before that big CRASH the other day! Someone could get hurt because the camera won’t pick up someone approaching their front door or house and there might not be any video recording of that incident!

Here is my dashboard and how there is NO video preview when in “Home” mode.


Hi neighbors. @MWC44 the only other thing I can suggest would be to uninstall your Ring App, power your phone off and on, and then reinstall your Ring App. Once installed, log back in and see if the feature is there. If not, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

@Emtinhawaii, this appears to be an issue that resides in how you have your Mode Settings for you Cameras. You can adjust you Mode Settings by following the steps outlined in this Help Center Article. You can also opt to disable Mode Settings for you Cameras, so they will record all the time, regardless of what mode your Ring Alarm system is in. Let me know if this helps!

Tom - what I want to know is what YOU changed and why. This worked perfectly for over a year until last Thursday afternoon. I have not changed any settings or devices on my Ring system and now it doesn’t detect motion beyond about 4-5 feet from the camera. Previously it detected motion for at least 15-20 feet. So either my devices are failing or RIng changed something.

BTW, I’ve tried this on multiple devices and have reinstalled the app as you suggested with no improvement. The problem exists on both of my spotlight cameras, but interestingly not on the doorbells.

If Ring can’t/won’t fix this, I will have to find a different camera system and throw away hundreds of dollars in cameras and batteries because as it stands now they are useless. Even though the doorbell cameras still work, if I have to replace the spotlights, I will also replace the doorbells because I do not want to support two different camera systems.

Ring has turned to crap their system has gone down hill. I have had nothing but problem with it for a while. They are quick to take your money but dont responed to customers. They blame the costumer that have their system installed and using it for problems that they have created . If i have someone break into my car the system is so poor that it would be usless to get and ID’s of who did it.


That is the same answer you provided 2 days ago that didn’t work for me or others who tried it. Clearly, the screen shot you attached shows a way to expand the zones, but none of us can do it anymore so there has to be another answer/solution. Perhaps a way to do a retroactive firmware update to what is was before until Ring can figure what caused the motion detection to be so limited?

Early this morning my lawn service company was at my home. My doorbell let me know he was there. The SpotCam did nothing until he was standing 3 feet away filling out his paperwork. THERE HAS TO BE A FIX!!! And it is needed NOW!

Hi @MWC44. My apologies for giving the same steps more than once. I must have missed the first time I had mentioned it. Although this is a neighbor-to-neighbor support forum, I’m happy to offer assistance where I can. It seems like the best course of action would be to contact our support team, as I cannot access your personal account or any technical firmware information specific to your device. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support. Feel free let me know how our support team was able to help. :smiley:

I’ve just about had enough. Last night when I arrived home and drove into my garage, directly underneath the camera… NOTHING DETECTED! This morning when I pulled out of the garage, directly underneath the camera… NOTHING DETECTED! If Ring can’t fix this problem, that apparently they created with some kind of firmware update a few weeks ago, I’ll be shopping for a new system within the next 10 days. What was once an excellent system is now junk… an expensive and useless house ornament.


I found this thread and I’m glad I did, because I was having some similar issues with motion detection. I’m a new Ring Neighbor so to speak, as I just got my spotlight cam battery on Saturday. I’ve worked with these devices for some of my clients, and they really enjoy them. It was either this, or an Arlo system. I chose Ring because of what my clients were saying.

I installed the cam, and initially used a gutter mount to get it up to about 9 feet. However, to get the motion detection to work how I wanted, I had to aim it up as initially I thought the blue area in that “motion zone setup” was the coverage zone. Eventually I created this 4-5 foot wide dead spot under the camera which I did not like at all. So, I’ve been going through this song and dance of adjusting it, eventually ditching the gutter mount, which I’ll end up using for the Solar Panel, and mounting it to the brick. On the gutter, the camera is at the recommended 9 feet. On the brick, its at 8 feet roughly.

I’ve settled on the 8 foot mounting spot, and I just now got it dialed in for motion detection. I want it to detect motion when people/cars/whatever are at the end of the driveway. Now here’s why I’m replying to this thread. Since Saturday I’ve had all kinds of motion detection “issues”. Searched the internet and found this thread. I’m finding a couple of issues here; first the community is screaming about a motion detection problem, and the community managers or helpers seem completely disconnected from whats actually going on. Second, this whole “motion zone setup” in the app…

After reading the thread, I too had the problem of the detection sweet spot being way too close to the house. Today was probably the worst… I had a delivery, and the camera didn’t pick up anything. I know that guy ran up the driveway to drop off a package and didn’t run up my lawn. Cars were driving by and nothing was getting picked up. I have the camera set to FREQUENT for motion frequency, the “sensitivity” slider is set to MAX, and I had the blue zone in the motion setup covering 2/3’s of the driveway. It didn’t pick up too much. Most it would pick up was my wife leaving for work in the morning, and me leaving to head on-site somewhere.

I read on another thread in these forums, from another Ring Community helper or whatever their titles are, that the blue zones don’t actually represent what the motion sensor is covering. At one time, we could apparently adjust the motion zones by “painting” them on the app. Now, you can’t do that; basically you turn the zones on and off in step 1, then adjust the slider in step 2. But adjusting the slider does not change the “blue zone” in step 1. A link to the thread is here:

I belived that, so I cranked up my sensitivity to max, as I wanted it to detect from 30 feet away. After 48 hours of testing, there was really no change. It wasn’t until I found this thread that I was having the problem of the motion detection NOT going off, until a person was 5-8 feet away from the camera. Yeah thats totally useless. At that point, I have either a decoration (as stated earlier in the thread), or just a warning cam to let me know someone is approaching the doorbell (I don’t have a ring doorbell yet… that’s next after I get this camera straightened out).

I messed with the slider, cranked it up to Frequent, but still there didn’t seem to be a change in the distance of motion detection. Adjusting the slider, made absolutely no difference whatsoever. I’ve now called it the “frustration slider”. But, I did test one thing out today… So Ring community managers, you better listen up, as well as the Ring app developers, Ring firmware developers, and whoever is in charge, as the customers in this thread have valid points, and the fixes you’re giving and the advice you’re giving is complete BS and DOES NOT WORK… Here’s why I’m saying this:

Initially, as I said before, I that “blue zone” in motion setup covered 2/3’s of the driveway. Detection went off at about 5-8 feet from the camera. I kept telling myself “the Ring community manager said to ignore that blue area”. I tested, and tested, and tested, and I could not achieve detection or recording 30 feet away from the camera. Keep in mind at the recommended 9 foot mounting, it still did not detect from 30 feet away with everything turned to max. Well, I tilted my camera up about 5 degrees or so. I didn’t create a deadspot under the camera, and if I did it is minimal. I went through the motion zone setup again, and the “blue zone” was now covering the whole driveway and a small part of the street. I did my test and POW I got motion detection at the end of my driveway, and recorded myself walking up the whole length of the driveway, up to the camera, giving it the finger, and then to my door (which takes me out of view).

So, while in a previous thread I was being told “ignore the blue zone! Just play with the slider!” by a community manager, I can tell you right now, that blue zone f’n matters!! If we had the ability to adjust the zone prior to the update on the app which took that ability away, guess what… its still in there. You’ve effectively taken away one of the most useful features of the cam, by NOT letting us paint our own motion zones!! You say it doesn’t matter and just play with the slider, but the test I performed tonight, that zone DOES matter, and it DOES inidicate where the motion zone actually is! You need to fix this big time. Because, if we have to physically adjust the camera, cut off our viewing area just to get the motion zone we want, we end up losing visibility on areas some people might want to see. I don’t think its unrealistic for me to see 95% of my driveway and have the motion zone cover from the camera, all the way to the end of the driveway.

And don’t tell me that blue zone in step 1 of the setup doesn’t matter, because, as I’ve said about 6 times now, it does matter, and the test I did proves it. Right now, I can see 90% of the driveway, which is acceptable for me. I just want my cars in view as the whole reason I got this thing was because of a car breakin we had. But, from reading this thread, it is NOT acceptable for some users here. Give us back the ability to adjust the zones manually, the way it used to be, or you’ll see a bunch of people go to Arlo, or another camera company.

I apologize for the long post, but I wanted to point out the methodology that I used to prove this. Also, I’ve been messing with this thing since Saturday… It seems to me that setup should be easier to do than going up and down a ladder 1000 times to get the motion zone just right; that adjustment should be made from the app. And by now, it should be dialed in, but instead I’m still questioning if its even picking things up.

I love the product, I love how the app works. Its revolutionized how we see visitors coming up to our driveway. However, NOT being able to adjust that zone severly hampers the functionality of these cams, and I’ve burned up 50% of my battery because of the constant adjustments. I plan on getting the solar panel for the camera, and a doorbell in the near future so I’m invested into Ring for at least 2-3 years. But, if these problems keep up, and you keep taking functionality away, I could be gone after a year.

Please pass this post along to the powers that be… GIVE BACK THE ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE MOTION ZONES AND FIX YOUR PRODUCT!! I’m only 5 days in to being a customer, and I’m already complaining. I was able to fix my issue if you want to call it that, but seems to me the fix is all in the app.



Well today, cam seemed off again. Back to detecting cars 30 ft away, but people only 5 feet away. Here’s what I’ve figured out. Also know that at this point, just going to give them the time to fix the issue. I’ve been in their position before, somethings broke, but takes me a bit to figure out the issue.

  • For my camera, it seems to work better with sensitivity turned to MAX, and frequency set to FREQUENT. In the motion zone setup, I make the blue area cover as much as possible. The result is cars at 30 ft, people at 5 - 10 feet if I’m lucky.
  • Setting it to STANDARD and backing off the sensitivity to 3/4, blue area coverage still the same; cars all the time, people may or may not get detected but most of the time not.
  • Set to STANDARD and max on sensitivity, same as the first bullet point
  • Set to FREQUENT and half sensitivity, there’s detection, but not a whole lot. The car problem goes away, but it doesn’t detect people until 3 - 6 feet.
  • I didn’t mess with LIGHT. I figured it would turn the thing into a scarecrow.
  • I’ve tilted up, tilted down, changed the height. No change.
  • As I said before, that blue area appears to matter.

What I’m going to try tomorrow:

  • I’m going to move my router. Its at one end of the house, so moving it to a more central point. I’m at RSSI -55 which is actually pretty good. But I’m going to see if I can get it closer to RSSI -40
  • Attaching the solar panel I ordered that came in. With constant power, I’m not going to really care how frequently it goes off, but definitely want to see the “detecting people at 3-10 feet” get fixed either way.
  • Beyond that, I can only wait for a firmware patch or app update to fix these issues.

Been a busy and frustrating week with this camera. I’m about done with it and just going to get it as close to working as I possibly can, since I’m already invested. Either way, I still have a camera that works well. Its just the motion detection thats a problem, which is about 50% of the product. Hopefully, Ring is working on a new firmware update that will fix the problems and add more adjustment options to the app in regards to motion zones. I’ll see what happens.

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Thanks for the post ren-dnb. I am having the same issue where the Motion Zone Min/Max slider is missing for the Spotlight Camera. I have the Doorbell Cam and the Min/Max slider is still there. Messing with the sensitivity either makes it detect too much, not detect at all, or only detect when right on top of the device. So this setting is not what we need. We need configurable MOTION ZONES. I need to monitor my yard but not the public sidewalk at the far end! If the device cannot do that then its useless to me.


Hey CBuser01,

Its frustrating isn’t it? I’ve done a ton of reserach on this camera since buying it (at little backwards but it is what it is), and I’ve learned some things. Before getting into that a final update to my situation:

  • I got the solar panel last weekend and installed it. Works like a champ when its sunny out, and keeps my battery charged up to 100%.
  • I had to re-mount my camera to the brick, because I broke the gutter mount bolt into the back of the camera (I was so angry lol). I finally had it dialed at 9 ft and adjusted how I wanted it.
  • Camera is now at 7.5 feet up. I have 80% of my driveway covered by that blue zone in the motion zone setup.
  • Sensitivity is at 3/4’s of the way to max. Frequency at Frequent.
  • Still picking up on cars, but I’m also getting people when I want them.
  • Right now, I just play around with the frequency setting and seems to help a bit. But, its working for the most part, so just going to let it ride and see what future updates to the product bring.

After scouring the internet for a good fix for all of this, I’ve learned some things about these Ring Spotlight cams (battery, wired, and solar).

  • If you can go wired, do it. The wired cameras have a better motion sensor on them apparently, and more optons for the lights. This is due to the fact that they have constant power.
  • They gimped some of the features on the battery cameras to balance battery life and camera functionality.
  • Using a solar panel doesn’t unlock any new features. And if you buy a spotlight cam solar, you’re just getting a solar panel. No features of the wired cameras get “unlocked”.
  • The wired cameras seem to have all of the features we want to have. Primarily, better motion detection and customizable motion zones.
  • There’s a thread in Feature Reqests in this forum where we’re asking for these customization options for motion zones for the battery/solar cameras. Please chime in on that thread.
  • The battery camera’s have no customization for their motion or PIR sensors. So, you’re stuck with the features the way they are until they allow customization if its even possible.

Bottom line for all of this: From what I’ve read, the sensors in the battery cameras are not as advanced as the wired cameras. So, we all might just be stuck with it the way they are. A wired camera is not an option for my driveway unless I hire an electrician. Maybe it might have been worth it given the time I’ve put into messing with this thing. But, still it would’ve been a high cost for what could be fixed with better technology and/or a software patch.

So, we’re stuck with the sensitivity slider that seems to be too senstitive in either direction (senses everything, or nothing at all until 5 feet away), motion frequency that doesn’t seem to work very well, and the ever popular lack of customization when it comes to the motion zones. I don’t understand why the doorbells can have these features, but the spotlight cam battery can’t, or even the wired one. I get it, battery life. Then send the unit with 2 batteries, or do away with the battery only unit, and send them out with 2 batteries and a solar panel (I get it, capitalism… whatever, everyone has to make money), and give us the features that will make this useful.

Like most here, I’m done messing with it. Its mount right, coverage is good in my opinion, but they need to improve the motion detection. Once they do that, the camera will be more useful. Right now this thing is just a warning point for letting me know someone is approaching my doorbell.

Anyway, hope this helps. Mine is doing what I want it to do, sorta, kinda, maybe. Would love it if it would just freakin’ work as expected and advertised.

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I just got the spotlight cam battery. I’m not sure if this feature was there before, but mine never had a slider that adjusts the blue motion zone. My peephole cam does, but not my spotlight cam battery… Ring said that the settings and features are not the same and not available on the spotlight cam battery… which is dumb… I am having trouble with detection though… detects things left and right on the sidewalk, but won’t detect right in front of the camera.

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