Spotlight cam lost connection with wifi and wont reconnect

My spotlight cam lost wifi connection, i have excellent wifi signal but my spotlight cam wont/cant connect to it any suggestions?

Hi @Sueeades, have you tried giving your device a soft reset? You can achieve this by pressing and holding down the set up button for 30 seconds. After this, try walking through the process to reconnect to wifi under the Device Health section for the device’s profile. If you continue to still have this concern, it may be best to bring the device inside and near your router to see if that helps restore the connection. Hope this helps! :smiley_cat:

Hi all,
My spotlight camera is not working it is just flashing like blue/clear have taken it down put it near my router and tried resetting it to no avail.
Any help appreciated.


Hey @Dippa91! The LED indicators flashing is a good sign that the Cam is attempting a connection. I recommend charging the battery all the way, if you’ve not already done so, to ensure the Cam has enough power to complete a connection.

As you mentioned performing a reset already (holding down the setup button for 20 seconds), the next best step would be to attempt a new setup in the app. Try also, removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device to ensure it is up to date. I hope this help! :slight_smile:

My Battery security camera had a low battery, I removed the battery, charged it and re-installed, the usual blue and white flashing lights at the bottom came on which I believe is showing that it is trying to reconnect to the wifi. It has continued to flash, I turned it off at teh button on the top of teh camera, then back on again, the same thing happend. Wifi in the house is working as I have other cameras on teh same wifi network still working as per usual. I have reset the camera, same issue. I deleted teh camera from my account and then tried to re-connect teh camera again usuing the normal addition of a device process but teh wifi won’t pick up. I can only assume teh Wifi in the device is broken, can anyone help…?

Hi Marley,

I’ve now tried all these steps and it’s still flashing white and blue. Have tried removing it from app but that hasn’t helped either.
Anymore ideas?


I’ve tried hard resetting it, removing it from my list of devices, no matter what I do it won’t stop flashing blue and white. (It is the battery verison) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

I had the same issue…called Ring for help…turned out it was fault with the camera and I returned it.

I am having the same problem. I did a soft reset the last time it happened about a month ago and it worked. I have tried it twice today and it still won’t connect. My router is within 10 fee of my cam though a wall between

Hey neighbors! I’ve addressed this with my teams that want to make sure we cover a few more bases.

If you have not already, please make sure to verify that your batteries are fully charged, and please also ensure that you’ve tried both battery compartments with the fully charged battery and notate what happens when the battery is inserted in each one. Press the setup button on the Spotlight Cam to see if you can get the white and blue pattern.

If you do not see a pattern, please do a soft reset of the Spotlight Cam. If you get this pattern, wait at least 2 minutes for it to stop flashing white & blue. If the device is still stuck flashing white and blue, attempt a factory reset of the device. If the device is still stuck flashing white and blue and not setting up, or you are getting no lights at all, please reach out to our support team here over the phone!

I am having the same issue as of Monday 4/6/20. I have two working batteries in it and it just blinks blue and white.

I’m also having this issue. Reset did not help, rapid blue and white flashing returns immediately. Very frustrating! Hopefully someone has a fix soon…

I have two problems after Hurricane Zeta. One floodlight cam keeps flashing but is online because I can control setting and view motion detect videos on my devices and mobile phone and the other floodlight cam shows offline but I can still view motion detect videos on my devices and mobile phone. The one that shows offline I cannot control an of the setting since it is offline.

I got on a ladder and tried to find the reset button which says it is located on top of the camera. Please tell me where I can find the reset button and I will reset both of these. (I have 4 floodlight cams and 2 door bells)

I’m also having the same problem. Have done a factory reset and a soft reset still same thing. Will not connect blinks blue and white. Nothing has changed and my door cam is still connecting fine. Don’t know what else to do. Will try and reach customer support tomorrow.