Spotlight cam loose with tight collar

Hi all,
I’ve recently installed my solar spotlight cam and am having an issue getting it to stay in place. It is mounted to the wall without issue, but the security screw on the collar is as tight as possible but the camera still moves with a tiny bit of effort. My worry is a strong wind will move it or someone can come up and easily point it away from my porch.
Does the spotlight cam always have some movement with the collar tight or is it supposed to have no movement?
Thanks so much!

Hi @COexplorer. The Spotlight Cam should stay in place once the collar is tightened. Try loosening the collar and making sure that the Spotlight Cam is fully seated in the base and that there is no debris prohibiting it from fully seating. Once that is done, tighten the collar and see if it is more secure. If you are stilling having issues, try posting a few pictures so we can help identify the issue. Thanks, neighbor.