Spotlight cam Live View fails to load

I often have this problem with one of my cameras. The device health says good internet connection, but the live view will fail to connect or sometimes the phone will fail to connect wireless signal to camera. This can occur even if I am standing within 10 feet of both the camera and nearby wireless extender.

Hey @meclaiborne. Could you attach a screenshot of the error message you get when you try to load the Live View? Also, could you try using only mobile data and not connect to your wifi when try to load the Live View to see if the same thing happens for you? Please note that if you have a lot of upload data being used on your wifi network, like when using streaming services or such on the internet, this could be preventing you from loading the Live View, as multiple things in the home are demanding the upload speeds available.

Here are some of the screens. Additionally, I get the same behavior even if I use my cellular network as opposed to home network router.

I’m experiencing the same exact issue… although when I go to live view it doesn’t give me an error, it just keeps trying to load live view. As well as when I try to put the lights on on the app, it does say there’s an error.

This is the typically the very first thing I see when this happens. Totally frustrating as seconds can make all the difference if someone is trying to break into your vehicle and you cannot bring up the video right away when motion triggers cam. You don’t want to have to get up out of bed each time to check when this happens, as sometimes wind blown shrubs or even animals running by can trigger.

I am curious as to whether or not you have a relatively new installation and your “Complimentary Ring Protect” plan has expired? I notice that this issue really began to appear when I was no longer storing clips. I just want to be sure this isn’t some “inconvenience” RING introduces - to force you to pay for that subscription service in order to provide for smoother operation of the system. That would be unfortunate, as not everyone has that need. Some only want to be able to see and respond to real-time events.

@meclaiborne Thank you so much for showing me those screenshots! It seems like your phone’s connection should be fine, so this is odd. Could you try downloading the Rapid Ring app and let me know if the same Live View connection errors happen? @Cmo1112000 Could you also try download the Rapid Ring app and see if this same thing happens? Neighbors, if you do not wish to test and see if the Rapid Ring app does the same, please remove the current Ring app from your phone, reboot your phone (turn it off/on) and then reinstall the app. From there, see if this connection issue still happens. If it does, I’ll have a couple more things we can try! I also want to note that having an active Ring Protect Plan should not affect your Live Viewing abilities. Hope to hear back from both of y’all soon. :slight_smile:

It was “hit or miss” earlier in the day shortly after download of Rapid Ring, with about 75% hit ratio. This was the case for both home network and cellular. However now that it has gotten later into the evening I am seeing more “miss” behavior as with the regular Ring app. Here is what I see now on each camera. It tries to establish connection to camera, but oftentimes to no avail.

@meclaiborne What is the RSSI for your device? Since it’s hit or miss whether your on mobile data or wifi, it may be the connection that the device has to your router. Please make sure your upload speeds are not being throttled by your ISP, as I’ve had myself and other neighbors run into this because of the current times. You can check the RSSI in the device health to see if that shows what needs to be done to improve it, but you may need to just do a reboot of your router to refresh the connection as well! Feel free to also do a reset of the Ring device as well by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds. Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile:

It was is 57. 51 now after gateway reboot. I have run over the past 24 hours, noting pretty much the same behavior. I periodically get those failures to connect. It seems like it’s not as bad in the day time and it has improved some overall, but it is still enough to be considered unreliable.

The strange thing is…from the very beginning I placed a Wifi extender just inside my front door where the camera is mounted. There can’t be more than 15 feet distance between the two.

I am having the same issue with not being able to connect live view to my newest camera