Spotlight cam Live Stream/video does not work (solved: it was a device problem)

Hi there,

First it was a love story: I bought a doorbell 3 for my house . Flawless experience: easy to install, plug and play, nice user experience app, great quality of video. Great job.

Then I decided to buy a real camera to replace the fake one I had in my backyard. I selected the spotlight cam battery + solar panel. Then it started.

I spent the last three weeks to test every possible thing to make the live stream work. But it doesn’t . The cam is detected, device status is ok, moves are detected, lights switch on but it only records black image videos. Moreover, I have never been able to connect to live stream.

Here are the checks I have done:

  • uninstall/reinstall several times - remove the device from the app
  • several wifi setups tried - even next to the router: RSSI signal strength doesn’t seem to be the cause
  • tried several different places
  • with or without connecting to the solar panel
  • selecting "spotlight cam " instead “spotlight cam + solar panel” at the setup to see if it changes something: nope
  • waiting for automatic updates to see whether it fixes the things: nope

I’m getting crazy.

As Ring France doesn’t deliver in Belgium, I bought it at an online reseller.

What should I do? I was really convinced by the whole Ring products suite but now I’m really skeptical.

Do you see anything I could do to to help this get fixed before sending it back?

Thanks and take care!


Hi @SilverFoxBE. Thank you for listing all of the steps that you’ve performed in such great detail. This Help Center article here has some great information on how to fix Black Video. I would perform the steps listed and try to activate the Live View. This should fix your Black Video issues!

Thanks for the reply and additional tips.
I sent it back to the reseller, have been reimbursed, bought it again, received it, installed it and now can enjoy it as the installation was perfect.
My problem was then apparently device-related.
Love story can go on!

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My Stickup Cam used to disconnect and no live view. The thing which helped me that I tried moved its location, changed height and distance from router. One of the places it started working fine as the signal strength becomes consistent. Would advise to try this approach.