Spotlight Cam Light schedule reversed?

Please tell me I am wrong! When setting the Light Schedules for Ring Spotlight Cam Battery it has a “Light not Needed” option but you can only set it from Dusk to Dawn, in other words, turn off the light at night??? I know there is a custom option but that would require tweaking weekly to save battery life.

Is there a way to turn lights on from Dusk to Dawn, instead of vice versa ?

Hi @HouTX. Where are you looking at for the Light Schedules? You can find more information on the Light Schedules in our Help Center Article here. Feel free to attach a screenshot showing that option you were mentioning about the light so I can take a look as well.

@Caitlyn_Ring I followed the instructions on the link you sent me, which is what I was doing in the first place. Under Light Schedules I only have one option for Dusk to Dawn, which is “Keep Lights Off” (!). I confirmed that my app is the latest version.