Spotlight cam light on duration

Just installed battery operated spotlight camera and it seems to be working well. I would like the light to stay on for longer than the default setting which seems to be about 30 seconds. Is this possible with the battery model?

I do believe if you set the actual recording length to be longer, the spotlight should also stay on that same amount of time but I have not tested that.

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Good question, @Spyder! For my Spotlight Camera wired, when I toggle lights on a popup will appear to adjust the duration of these lights. Try this in the Ring app for your Spotlight Camera battery to see if this option pops up. If not, it is possible that 30 seconds is the only light duration for the toggle, in order to preserve battery.

Alternatively, you can also schedule lights to turn on during desired times and durations. Learn more about the Spotlight Camera battery light settings here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: