Spotlight Cam Light coming on when gas boiler fires up

I have a spotlight cam wired. Within its field of view there is the exhaust from my gas boiler. Whenever the boiler fires up at night the light comes on for a few seconds. At first I thought it was spuriously detecting motion due to the heat, but I notice that it doesn’t record anything. Is there some way I can stop this from happening.

Hey @AonghasMor. The reason why there is no recording associated with the lights turning on is because the PIR sensor to turn on the lights (bulb underneath the device) is picking up a change in a heat signature (like a person but it’s your boiler) and thus turning on the light. The FOV for the PIR sensor to turn on the lights is larger than the FOV to turn on the camera to record, and this is to ensure that when it does record, there is plenty of light in the area for a good quality recording. You can avoid this by getting the bulb to face away from its FOV that is catching the boiler. You can learn more about this in our Ring Help Center Article here, and reference a picture of what these two zones are like (for the light sensing and motion recording sensing) here.