Spotlight cam keeps recording at precise hourly intervals

Hi there. For some reason my battery spotlight cam has started recording at seemingly fixed intervals for much of the night and at periods during the day. If I look at the history I can see it recording at the same time every hour e.g. 01.44 then 02.44 then 03.44 etc. It cannot be motion given this is so precise and there is nothing outside my home that would trigger it with such robotic precision !
I have searched the settings to see if I somehow have accidentally set it to record at predetermined intervals - cannot even see that as an option.

It does not happen all day but it seems to mainly at night.

I have rebooted the camera for a different reason (kept losing WiFi which is now resolved) but this issue happened before and after than reboot.

Has anyone else had the same issue? It’s an odd one. I will contact RIng but interested to know if I am an anomaly first !

Hi @user8205. Is there anything in the Ring’s view that might be triggering a motion detection, such as an appliance that turns on every hour, or anything that is a reflective surface? It might also be worth it to check into your network settings to see if anything occurs on an hourly basis, as there is no way to set your Spotlight Cam in the Ring app to record at specific times. Feel free to report back on what our support team says when you contact them as well. :slight_smile: