Spotlight Cam, battery

Is viewing the device health data for monitoring remaining Spotlight Cam battery life available via a webpage on a desktop PC, or only via the App? If so, where is the link?



Hey @Ray_C ! Battery levels, as well as other device health information, can be found under the “Device Health” section in the app. If you visit your Spotlight Cam device page in the app, you’ll see this option in the same area as the other settings. This information is not available via browser, only in the Ring app. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes I know how to access it in the App, just wondering why not available when logged in via browser like other features avaiable there. Seems odd you can’t do everything you might want to when you happen to be using web; why not?


Hey @Ray_C ! Different feature sets are based on how users utilize the different platforms. We will certainly pass along your feedback and suggestion to incorporate Device Health into the web app. Thank you!

I have a solar panel for my camera but the battery never gets above 48% and the panel gets at least an hour of sunshine a day. I only have one battery which I charged to 100% before I installed it. Can you help please?

My camera won’t work because it’s keep saying the battery door is open could I get help