Spotlight Cam battery

Hi all,

I have 2 spotlight cam battery camera. One is attched to the front door and the other one is garage door. I charged them at the same time 5 weeks ago. Their charges were shown the same battery level until yesterday. Today I checked them again and I saw that garage door battery shows %6 while the other one is %45. I checked the history of the camera. I don’t see any more activity than the other days. What could be causing this much battery consumption in 1 day?


Hi there turat,

I would recommend contacting ring community support so they can take a look at the history and see what could be causing the battery to drain like that.

They can see a bit more than what you would be able to see from the ring app such as the history of your cameras signal strength (lower signal can cause faster battery drain) and may be able to better determine what could potentially be causing this.


My spotlight cam battery is still draining very fast after it reaches to %45. This happened second time. It was showing about 45% yesterday and now I received a notification says that it is very low and I checked it again and I see that it is %6. Can somebody help what’s happening? This is very annoying.