Spotlight Cam Battery Two batteries

I purchased a Spotlight Cam Battery. I also bought a spare battery because it has a place for two.

The Ring application does not seem to recognize the second battery.

Is there some setting that I have not set??

Hi @mcleanm. With the dual battery option, the Spotlight Cam will first use one battery until it is completely depleted, then it will switch to the second battery. I would make sure both batteries have a full charge, then insert them into the Spotlight Cam. In the battery compartment, there will be a red LED indicator light to let you know that battery is inserted correctly.

Thanks for your reply.

That is how I assumed it would work. But when I added the second battery on a currently mounted light, it did not recognize the second battery. When the first battery went low, I removed it and at the point the light recognized the other battery and when I returned the newly charged battery, the light did recognize both batteries.

Love the light and thanks again for your response!!!

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