Spotlight Cam Battery solar charging both battery


I’m planning to purchase the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery with solar panel and 1 additional battery pack. I understand the camera will automatic switch to the backup battery if the first battery drained completly.

I would like to know if the solar panel will charge both battery? or does it charge only the active battery? For example, if I have both batteries in the unit called battery A & B. If the camera drained the battery A and switched to battery B at night. In the morning, would the camera know how to charge the battery A which is not the active battery now. I could not locate this information anywhere. I appreciate your help.

Hi @derricknp. I saw you posted the same question about the solar Floodlight, which I answered for you here, as the devices both act and are managed the same way with the solar panel installed. :slight_smile:

Although I am not a happy customer of Ring right now (as you can see by my posts over the last 2 weeks), I will tell you the Solar Panel is WELL worth the money. When I bought my spotlight cam, I bought an extra battery and the solar panel. I’ve had them connected to each other for a little over a year, and neither battery has ever been below 97%, even after extended periods of dreary winter weather. I would strongly suggest and recommend the solar panel and an extra battery for your cameras.