Spotlight Cam Battery Security Screw

Does anyone know what the security screw that goes into the back of the camera (center) after the mounting plate slides in looks like?

I ordered a refurbished unit directly from Ring few weeks ago and it was missing that screw. Since then Ring support sent the supposed replacement twice now but it’s the same long screw each time. I don’t think it’s the right thing because it doesn’t fit and is over an inch long. See attached picture.

Hi @JetRocket11. Are you referencing the second part in the manual where it asks you to remove the security screw when it’s describing “How to Remove the Mounting Plate”? This security screw is going to be our Torx 6 screws, which we do not send out anymore as they are no longer made. Although, the Torx 15 screw is what we send out as a replacement instead in the event that the neighbor needs this screw, so it seems our Support team may have missed this or overlooked it! If you can, please reach out to our support team here and make sure you request the Torx 15 screw as a replacement specifically. :slight_smile: