Spotlight Cam Battery offline

My Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is showing offline. I have tried to reconnect it to my wifi, it just flashes green which means that it can’t connect to the internet. My other I have 3 other Spotlight Cam Battery and they are working fine on the same wifi network.

I have also tried resetting the device by holding the button for over 30 seconds, still unable to connect. Can you check the firmware version between the devices?

Move the camera as close to a WiFi access point (or vice versa) and see if it connects better.

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Hi @Kurusawa. Like @SolarEclipse suggested, moving the Camera closer to a wifi access point may help with the reconnection, as it’s possible the connection isn’t strong enough where the Camera is currently located. Additionally, make sure you have fully charged the battery prior to attempting to reconnect the Camera to wifi.