Spotlight Cam Battery not charging with solar panel

Add one more set of cameras not working. I live in AZ too.

I have had solar up with spot light camera for over a year.

Some units worked others not at all.

Even the ones that worked never keep a full charge in AZ in summer. I suspect there is more than a firmware problem.

There no easy way to hard wire my cameras.

I want my money back Ring !!!

Will see.

I suspect Ring knows this is a hardware defect and is trying to figure out what to do.

I would take camera or panel hardware if it would actually fix the problem.

I suspect it is not the panels. They are a pretty simple component.

Bought spotlight camera with solar panel and battery won’t charge. Panel is clean and has full day access to sunlight. App states Solar Panel Status as “Add a Ring solar panel to extend Battery Life”. It is as if the solar panel is not even there.

Poor product.

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I honestly don’t know if it is hardware or software, but if it is hardware, why did everything work for a year or two and then suddenly all stop charging with the solar panel at the same time across the country?

I sure hope that is not the case as we’re having the same problems and we’re going on 7 months, using one batter but the solar battery perfectly placed above the awning under which the camera is neatly tucked. (see pic) The amount of people sharing this problem is not reassuring since we were planning on adding additional units this year. Pehaps the light snow we had last night (shown in picture) is enough to prohibit a good charge BUT we have had no measureable snow and this problem predates weather issues. Hmmm. I’ll recheck the wiring and hope for the best.

I got one of my Stick Up Cams a solar panel at the end of Dec and it has never charged but the battery seems to last a little longer with the panel and a sunny day. I think it is just draining more slowely, like the panel just gives enough to keep it a bit steady during the day. But really it may only make it last another couple of days I guess. Today it lost 3% since this morning thus far for some reason and it’s bright and sunny out. Really does not do much. Definitely not worth it. I am hoping that there’s a fix soon.

i dont think its a hardware issue, i got my new and they told me it was the panel i tested the panel with volt meter before retrun it and it was given of the 5 volts it supplies. then i put in the new one still no charging, i was told its the camera. then i just got and install the new camera and saddly from the looks of it still no charging. i will give it until friday before i call them and complain again but this item is new and i think i will be asking for a refund may be put up a wired camera insted.

Well, I commented a few days ago that one of my stickup cams jumped to 100%. Next day, back down to 92. What in the world is going on here?

Well here’s a doosie. I decided to post a review on Amazon to try and let potential customers know that they might want to check here before purchasing a ring product if the customer was planning on using it with a solar panel to see if these charging issues were resolved. Got a notice a few hours later that they would not post the review as it did not meet their guidelines. May be the presence of the URL and I will try to resolve that be leaving it out and trying to post it again. This is what I posted:


I would pass on Ring products right now until solar charging issue is resolved

I have been a big fan of Ring products and have had many of them for years. Suddenly last November the solar panels suddenly stopped charging the units. No solution in sight. This URL chronicales the sad tale of woe:

I would seriously wait until this longstanding problem is resolved before purchasing any Ring product that you plan to use with a solar panel. On battery works fine, but that is the whole point of having solar power as an option. Caveat emptor.


You’re not allowed to post URLs unless it’s for another product. So right there it failed. I’ve posted many negative reviews without any issues. Here is the part that is from the rules below.

Reviews may only include URLs or links to other products sold on Amazon.

I have as well. I noted that it was likely the URL in my initia post. I removed that and reposted. No notifications yet. Will see if it posts this time.

my product is new i have been with them in the pho e since dec install new panel last new thing they send was the camera and that did not fix the problem it’s still not charging i will give it until friday to call them and ask for a refund

It seems like many of us have the same issues. Our solar panels were working and now they’re not. It’s winter here in Nashville however we have plenty of sunshine. My cameras are two stories up and I have had to pay a handyman at least five times to come and help me with this stupid solar panels. One worked for at least a month and a half and then I had him come install another one and it never worked and then my first one quit working. I’ve only had mine for 3-4 months. Ring, It sounds like you have a problem that you don’t know how to fix. I suggest you guys figure it out. I spent a lot of money on cameras more on solar panels and even more paying a handyman to get them to work! Now I have no cameras working because the battery ran out and I don’t want to pay the handyman to come back until I know how to resolve the issue!

MiketheD, yup url, Amazon is good about letting you post negative reviews, even on their own products. Unlike a certain orange big box store, any negative review gets bounced back, but a glowing positive 5 star gets approved almost immediately. SMH

Cam and solar panel update, all four Stickup cams are completley dead, Ring Doorbell is dead as well, with after market solar mount.

Costco cheap solar flood lamps charging and working as they have for years. Some have more bird mess on them than a hen house floor.

Don’t think it is the sun, cold, posiition of earth or dirty panels.

Hi guys, I attached my solar panel to my spot cam battery properly. But the status in the ring app doesn’t change at all, it still shows “Add a ring solar panel to extend battery life”. Does this message suppose to change after I connect the panel?? I doubt the panel is charging the battery as well. Battery drops from 100% to 95% within a day.
Another question I have is the solar panel doesn’t have screw tab on the end of the cord, is this normal??
Thanks for any suggestions or help!



Same here

In response to RING’s request for specific info:

I have one spotlight cam with 2 batteries attached to a solar panel.

First noticed the drain on battery sometime in November. One battery was drained to approx. 50% and would hover there. Now (mid-Jan) that same battery is down to 10% and often less (never gets charged above 10%). The second battery has slowly dropped down from 100% to 70% and never gets above 80%.

The problem persists and I do not believe it is from lack of sun, cold weather, or a dirty panel. The New York area recently had 2 days of spring-like weather. I expected the batteries would be fully charged rapidily. Did not happen.

It is not coicidence that many other customers are having the exact issue.

Appreciate someone from RING finally responding and acknowledging that RING has an issue to resolve for its’ customers, not quoting from a user manual.

I have the newest connector (weather resistant) - still have battery issues…

Is the lack of charging just affecting those with iOS devices or are Android users having solar panel charging issues as well?

that’s a very good question i am using iphone and it’s never worked for me