Spotlight Cam Battery Low Notifications

I have a Spotlight Cam battery with a solar panel. In the winter months, it is gray enough that the solar panel does not get enough sun to keep a single battery charged. I dealt with this by buying a second battery for the cam, so now I have two batteries plus the solar panel. This has been working fine to ride out the winter weather without depleting both batteries before the solar panel can charge them.

A new issue has popped up recently though with email battery low notifications. I am getting emails saying " Charge Your Spotlight Cam Now" and that “Your Spotlight Cam is at 5% battery.” This may indeed be true for one of the two batteries in the camera but the second battery is fully charged. The battery low detection does not seem to be aware that I have two batteries in the unit so it is alerting low battery when only one of the two batteries is low. Bottom-line, I do not need to charge my Spotlight Cam…I have one almost dead battery and one fully charged battery in it.

Are these notifications configurable so it takes into consideration the use case of two batteries being present? Is this a bug?

Thank you

Hi @AverageJoe. Is this impacting your Spotlight Cam’s performance at all? Or is it just the notification, and your Spotlight Cam is still working properly, as you have a second battery installed.

The camera continues to work fine since the second battery is present. This is only an issue with the battery low notification emails. Whatever is generating those emails does not seem to be aware that my camera has two batteries installed. Thanks!

@AverageJoe Thank you for confirming that. I’ve passed this question along to the appropriate team to see what the intended behavior is. Is this the Spotlight Cam Plus or Pro?

It is one of the original Spotlight Cams so it is before they had the Plus and Pro designations. Initial version.

@Caitlyn_Ring Any updates on this issue? Do you need any additional information? Thanks

Hi @AverageJoe. We’d like to take a closer look into this concern. Would you please send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter @Ring? This way, we’ll be able to dive into this.