Spotlight Cam (Battery) lost wi-fi connection. Unable to reset or get it to work again. Help appreciated

So my Ring Spotlight Cam (Battery) suddenly lost its wi-fi connection for seemingly no apparent reason. All other devices in the network - including a different Ring camera - continued to work normally. So I went and tried to reset the camera by pushing the button on top of it, but nothing happened. I tried to reset it then by holding the button for 20 seconds, but no luck. I then tried what I believe is a hard reset, which is to hold the button for 30 seconds. But still nothing happened.

I have 2 batteries in the camera. One was recently charged up to 100%. The other was down to 75% (that is still the statuses of the batteries in the Ring app). I have tried removing both batteries and then re-inserting them, but still no change. The camera acts like it died. The only activity I see in them is the internal battery indicator LED. They both light up and stay solid when I open the battery door - which is an indication that the batteries are charged up.

I called Ring technical support and they helped me through all these troubleshooting steps again but to no avail. They said my last resort here is to try and charge up both batteries and then try the hard reset again. I am skeptical that this will work, since both batteries had good charge, but I will do so.

I came here though to try and see if anyone has any other ideas of what to do. The camera doesn’t seem like it is completely dead because the internal battery LED indicators do light up. But I can’t get it to do anything else. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @tchubaba. Thank you for sharing the troubleshooting steps you’ve taken and what our support team has recommended. They do have you on the right track with fully charging the batteries and then attempting a reset by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. If the Spotlight Cam is still unresponsive after trying that, please follow up with our support team so they can determine the best solution with you.