Spotlight Cam Battery Draining

There are two batteries in the spotlight cam, the right one keeps draining really fast. I charged it and put it back up around 5pm yesterday, it is at 86% right now. I have the settings that Ring suggest to use to use less battery. But this one continues to drain and has to be charged every couple of weeks. Any suggestions? I feel as if this isn’t normal?

Hi @Smarquis. If you are experiencing your Spotlight Cam draining quicker than normal, there could be a few factors contributing to this. This Help Center article here is a great resource for determining what may be the cause. Also, adjusting your Motion Zones might help with excess recordings. I hope this information helps!

As mentioned in my other mail as well. I have the same problems with my stickup cams. I don’t have it with my doorbell. It started 2 weeks ago more or less. I wonder what it could be?