Spotlight Cam Battery - Covert to Wired?

Hello All!

Wondering if I can get some advice.

I’ve got a ring door bell which is hardwired to save the hassle of battery recharges which works great. I’ve now kindly been gifted a Spotlight Cam battery that so far is working fantastic however I would love this to be wired as well.

Is there a way to convert the battery to a wired version? I say this because i’ve mounted this about 4 metres up and having to get a ladder out once a week to change the battery is going to become tedious very quickly.

I understand there is the optional solar panel which can be added however i’ve heard, especially in the UK, this may not charge as well as one would hope. If there is a way to hard wire this in manually I would prefer this over anything else.

I’ve find myself having to limit the functionaility to preserve battery life, like turning off snapshots etc.

Any guidance on if this is possible would be great.