Spotlight Cam battery (consume power on one battery before another)

Why the Ring splotlight Cam consume all the power of one battery before use the power of the other battery? It looks like the Cam use all the power of the Right battery before use the other battery. Is there anyway to let the Cam consume the power of two battery at the same time? I don’t want to have one battery completely run out of power.

Hey @spotlightcam123! This is actually the intended functionality of the Spotlight Cam battery. If two batteries are inserted in the hatch, one battery will be used and the other will be a reserve. This gives you time to charge the other battery, and limits any “down time” due to this charging. Adding a Solar Panel will also limit how often you would need to charge a battery. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

That means there is no reason to buy a second battery because we have to charge the battery at the same time anyway. We don’t want to have the battery completely out of power and let the spotlight use the power from the second one. Two battery doesn’t mean extend 2x the time of usage because when it run out of the power on the first battery, we have to charge it anyway. This is not good functionality. Time to return second battery.