SpotLight Cam batteries not holding charge

I have 4 Spotlight Cameras that are mounted indooors. The first time I charged the batteries (LEDs turn green) they ran down in 10 days. The second time I charged them I 'double charged them - i.e. charged until green, then disconnected and charged again until green), then inserted in the cameras. I set the settings to notify me of any movement and only viewed when notified. (3 times on one camera). The batteries lasted 4 months this time.

Encouraged by this, I ‘triple’ charged the batteries prior to a short vacation in December 2019, installed them the day I left and they were flat in 10 days. I had no notifications during that time and did not monitor any of the 4 cameras during that period, except on the occassion I discovered they were flat.

I am frustrated by all this. I spent nearly $1,000 Canadian on these cameras and they have been next to useless with the exception of the one time they lasted for 4 months.

What can be done? Please help as I’m sure they can’t be returned at this point in time.

I have the same problem

Hey @RogMason! It is certainly unusual for all of your batteries to be draining at this rate. I recommend checking out our Community post about battery drain for tips on optimizing battery life. As you stated you did not use the devices often during this time, it might be cold temperatures that are causing your battery to drain quickly.

Adding a solar panel is a great way to improve battery charge duration. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Temperature is not a factor, as these cameras are mounted indoors. A solar panel won’t help fpor the same reason.

As for “checking the community post about battery drain”, I contacted RING - the designers and manufacturers of these expensive devices! I didn’t expect to get technical support from other users, who may - or may not - have the correct answers!

This is unacceptable. Please get someone in the company who knows what they are talking about and have them contact me with a solution. Thank you.

Hey! You come on here and insult the entire community? If you want support, call them. Do you need a moderator to tell you the same thing? I bet most of us know more than you do to begin with. Check your bad attitude at the door.

Thank you Eagle 328 for your helpful comment.

I apologize if I offended you. That was not my intent. I assumed I was speaking with a RING tech support agent and was being re-directed to a community of RING users for the help I need.

I was asking RING, the manufacturer of my product for technical assistance with my $1,000 worth of cameras, which to date, have been dissapointing and of not much use as the batteries drain quickly.
I read on RING’s website, that help can be had from RING technical support at anytime, but todate, I can’t find a phone# anywhere. I reached out to RING via this forum, as I assumed RING monitored it and would respond accordingly. No disrespect intended to ‘the community’ but I expect the company to give me specific direction on the product they designed and which I bought in good faith? I didn’t expect to be directed to other customers for that help. If my brand new car was giving problems, I wouldn’t expect to be directed to neighbors who owned the same vehicle for assitance. If you know of a tech support# for RING, then I’d appreciate you sharing that with me.

Thanks again for pointing out my error in assuming I was being contacted by RING.



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Thanks for explaining. No harm. This is really a peer to peer support forum. But there are Ring reps here as well. They will offer help and advice. But if it’s past their advice they will direct you to call into customer support since they can see your system and push updates and such as needed. You may find tier 1 support as normal as most companies. Try this and that, which can be annoying but sometimes can help. If they can’t help they should transfer you to tier 2 support that has more tools at their disposal. I will post the customer support call numbers below. If your in a certain country let me know since there are numbers for them as well. They may all go to the same call center but I’ve never had to call anyone besides the US.
Call Us
US: +1(800) 656-1918 (24/7)
US: +1(888) 981-8993 (Español - 24/7)
INTL: +1(310) 929-7085 (24/7)

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Also, with batteries comes many issues that can cause rapid draining. First is of course the temp being colder if you’re in an area with colder temps. Then there are the settings used. Most settings will warn you of using more battery if used. The frequency of alerts and motion detection can drain as well. Also, the wifi connection strength is a major issue if not good. Just like a cellphone that has a bad signal. It will struggle to get and keep the connection. On a phone you may notice that phone is warmer than normal. Battery powered devices are good but they do have take aways.
I just replaced my doorbell 2 with a pro. The battery would drain even though I had enough power going to it. But I like all the features turned on so I’d replace the battery almost every 1 to weeks. I found it to be a pain so a got the pro. Now I have every feature running and no battery draining since there isn’t one to drain. Maybe something I’ve stated will help you. If not maybe support can. It’s always possibly the battery is defective as well.

Also, I do use a bunch of Ring smart lights around my house. Path lights, spots and flood lights. They all take 4 D batteries. I’m truly amazed how long they last. And I have most features on as well. It’s been maybe 8 months now and they are almost ready to be replaced.

Have a good night, hopefully you will get yours to work like you want it too.

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