Spotlight Cam at night

I have a two year old Spotlight Cam (battery) that has quit detecting motion at night. We have feral cats and other wildlife so there is plenty of motion and my other Spotlight Cam picks it up. This Cam is located under a soffet and is protected from rain and sun. Batteries are charged and it works fine during the day. I haven’t changed any settings on it. Thoughts?

Same here. I just installed a new spotlight cam and it works beautifully during the day. At night, it doesn’t want to send notifications. While testing when it’s pitch dark outside, I can see the six dim red motion-detection lights turn on, but I don’t receive any alerts. It tells me that it is detecting motion, obviously, but deciding not to send alerts. Could be a motion verification setting, but I turned that off and it still won’t work properly.

I think I may need to configure it to turn the spotlight on when it detects motion so that the area is illmuninated. Might improve things.