Spotlight Cam Angle Adjustment


Thinking of getting a spotlight cam to install on the side of my house (semi-detached) but need to be able to adjust the angle about 90 degrees.

Is this possible with the included mount?

Good question @F1N1! While we do have various mounts available on our accessories page, such as this Spotlight Cam Wall mount, it may not be necessary depending on the area. The Spotlight Cam features a 140 degree field of view which might be adequate for your mounting scenario, in addition to it being able to be angled slightly left, right, up, or down. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’m considering buying Spotlight Cam Mount but want to mount it on the back SIDE of my house BUT looking toward the FRONT (i.e. detecting if anyone is on the side of my house but not over in my neighbor’s yard). Therefore, it would need to be pointed/angled nearly 90 degrees.

Will the Spotlight Cam Mount brackets angle that far? I.e. how far can it be turned/swiveled once mounted? Thank you.

Greetings–Having a similar issue–The knob at the back of the camera mounts into the bracket–the bracket has a certain angle in which it needs to be mounted to enable the angle of viewing. Wondering if the back plate can be reversed so the knob is at the top enable a better/more extreme angle.