Spotlight cam and wifi extender

Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone can help me. We have a doorbell, battery stick up and wired spotlight cam, all been working fine. However the spotlight cam and stick up is connected via a wifi extender as they’re outside. A few days ago the spotlight cam randomly disconnected and would not reconnect, however all the others stayed connected no problem.
I’ve tried reconnecting it to the wifi extender like the stick up cam (wifi extender also) but it won’t let me, saying there’s a problem with the connection. It’s now currently connected to my main router however the signal is poor, hence the extender.
I’ve tried rebooting via the app, set up pressing the button, reset holding for 15 secs, switching extender on and off, as well as router and camera at the plug but no joy. As you can imagine this is very frustrating especially when you have to climb a ladder to press the button every time!
Find it very confusing when the others are working fine :frowning:
Thanks if anyone has any further advice

You are not the only one. Since the last update, my Wired/battery backup Spotlight cam and Wired floodlight cam have been losing wifi connection, and the battery backup spotlight cam also says it has been disconnected from power every now and then when I know its getting power. Never had this problem for the long time i have had the cameras till the most recent update.

Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one! Incredibly frustrating.
I expect I’ll leave it be for now and hope an update later down the line will fix the problem and let me reconnect to wifi extender again :woman_shrugging:t4:

Hi neighbors. What is the RSSI for your devices? This is located in the Device Health menu. Is your device connected to a 2.4GHz or a 5GHz network? Does your network have automatic switching between the two networks? If so, try connecting to a 2.4GHz network only. Have you tried changing the WiFi Channels? You can also use a Chime Pro, which is a WiFi extender that is exclusive to Ring devices.

For my 3 cameras.
Wired floodlight plus RSSI is currently 54 {yesterday it was 46)
Wired Spotlight cam Pro RSSI is currently 44 strange it drops from time to time but not as much as the Floodlight. Sometimes says it is not connected to power when it is and has 2 backup batteries.
Wired Spotlight can (gen 2) RSSI is 36 and has not had any problems.

The Floodlight and spotlight pro just started to have problems 3-4 days ago when they never had this problem before. All 3 cameras are on the 2.4ghz wifi. tried to change channels but made it worse.

My signal strength is fluctuating (for some unknown reason, nothing moves and wifi hub is within 12 feet) but when my Spotlight Cam goes offline…it doesn’t automatically reconnect - which the Doorbell Pro, Chime Pro and Chime 1st Gen all do.

Do we think this is a universal problem (that needs a fix) with the Spotlight Cam currently?

Wifi does fluctuate depending on other Wifi nodes around you. Also having many devices using the wifi you have can take away resources that are used by the cameras. Think of Wifi signals like ripples in water, when other wifi ripples from other sources near by can effect your ripples and so forth. This is why my Floodlight was RSSI 46 at one time of reading and today its 54. As an example i can look in my phone settings when chosing my wifi and can see there are 3 other houses near me using wifi from the same internet provider probably using the same equipment thats using the same settings causing overlap signals.

Hi @user35404. Your RSSI looks to be great. Great example of using the ripples. This is why adjusting your WiFi channels can be helpful. If too many devices are on a specific WiFi channel, there are too many “ripples.” Changing the channels results in fewer ripples. Nonetheless, if this hasn’t seemed to correct the issue, I suggest reaching out to our support team to look into this with you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Before i contact the support team, im waiting for a new wifi router from my internet provider. From the provider trouble shooting tests and the wifi self check came back with some bad 2.4ghz transmission tests. I have had the wifi for a good 3+ years and its being hit with around 8 devices accessing it and that includes 2 streaming movie devices. So after i change it i will see if it makes a difference. The ring cams would be more demanding then the smaller devices and might be showing a wifi problem on my end. Also this might be why the cams havent been picking up activity and notifying me or on some occasions will notify me but 2-10 mins later if the cam went offline.

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Hi @user35404. Let us know how this goes once you get your net WiFi setup!

Hi all.
I have experienced a wifi drop on my powered wifi floodlight cam.
I get horrendous signal, even with a wifi mesh system. Everything in my house is all good connectons but this cam seems to have the problem.
The mesh is an extender and has not solved the issue.
I have changed to 2.4 or 5 bands and nothing changes this.
It only seems to be since the last update.

Put in a new wifi router and a wifi extender. The floodlight cam has a good RSSI of 40-42. The Spotlight Cam Plus gets a good RSSI of 47. But still problems after a few days of monitoring. Floodlight Cam keeps disconnecting from the wifi. The Spotlight Cam Plus is also having problems staying connected to the wifi and has had problems even detecting movement. On many occasions the spotlight cam plus it just wont pick up movent and tends to reset the zone config i save in settings. For both the floodlight and spotlight cam they tend to have the endless loading screen when trying to go into live view and notifications dont always give a screenshot pic. The stickup cam and older version spotlight cam i have are working fine with no problems.

Will still keep monitoring the cams for any changes.

@user35404 Thanks for sharing an update. If the new router and wifi extender don’t seem to correct the issue after some monitoring, I’d definitely suggest following up with support so they can take a deeper look at this. Advanced support may be needed to help with any router settings or configuration adjustments.