Spotlight Battery - videos freezing

I have 10 Ring cameras. Spotlight battery cameras always have issues with freezing videos or black video. Signal strength is good within the low 50s. Wifi is strong. Internet speeds are very fast fast. 950mbps download and 925mbps upload. I have fiber connection to our house. I have two batteries in each of them. They are always almost fully charged, as I have solar panels on each of them.

The problem is constant. It happens when one/multiple devices are recording and another device starts recording. It appears your servers cannot handle the load of multiple cameras from one location recording at one time. This defeats the purpose of having security cameras. Please fix the issue. It is definitely an issue on your end. I also have a Ring Doorbell (hardwired) and Stick Up Battery Cams…never see an issue with them. Appears to only happen with Spotlight Battery cams.

I tried watching the videos on different devices and even my computer. All showing the same issue. I have no issues with any other wifi devices. It is only the Ring cameras that have an issue.

UPDATE - After speaking with tech support for three hours, basically they stated the battery cameras are not good. They gave me a code to purchase wired cameras!!! Can you believe this? They want me to spend more money to purchase more of their cameras??!! Yeah, sure! Exactly what a sane person wants to do. Give a company more money to buy more products of theirs that may or may not work.

I did ask him to put a request in though. I have 2 batteries in each camera and a solar panel connected to each. They should increase the wireless strength in these cameras when two batteries and/or solar panel is connected. He stated my strength was bad even though the cameras are at -51. The sentence before that he said anything over -58 was bad……I asked him to clarify his statement since they contradict each other. He got irritated and would never answer the question directly and kept pushing it off onto WiFi strength not being good enough. Then he says turn off the 5ghz on your router because the cameras is switching to 5ghz snd not staying on 2.4. I asked how that was possible since the camera doesn’t even support 5ghz. Just another excuse and lie to get off the phone. Really sad. He just wanted to get off of the phone because he didn’t have any other answer for me. This is ridiculous customer service and a complete waste of my time. Update your wireless adaptors and protocols and there wouldn’t be any issues!!!