Spotlight Battery Camera

I have had ongoing problems with one of my 3 spotlight battery cameras since not long after it was installed earlier this year. I have contacted Ring help by phone several times and despite a number of suggestions to resolve the issue, the camera is still regularly not correctly showing battery status and now has started not allowing me to access Live View. I have both spoken to Eric in the Help Centre and emailed him (at his request) a number of times when his suggestions did not solve the problems with the camera. Nothing has worked and everything has been tried over an extended period of time. He advised when we last spoke on 2 December that if his suggestions did not resolve the problems I could have my camera replaced as it is still well within the warranty period. He is now not responding to my emails. I am at my wit’s end. HELP

Still no reply from Ring …

I gave in and rang Ring Help again. Matter finally resolved by two very helpful staff. Replacement camera is being provided under warranty.

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