Spotlight Battery Camera - Lights and Motion

I seem to have the perfect spot for our RIng Spotlight Camera but I have two issues:

  1. The motion zones I wish to cover are our driveway, front yard area, and entry path. We had to adjust the sensitivy down to 1/4 way on the slider as it picks up car traffic on the street. We have the camera set as shown in the photos, which is the corner of the garage (house corner) at 9 feet above ground.
  2. I wish the camera lights to activate anytime someone or something (car) enters or is in our driveway area at night.

I contacted Ring support and they were good, and they had me adjust my motion sensitivity to about 1/4 of the way (Battery Cam only has on/off for 3 areas, and slider for sensitivity) this was to reduce the cars passing by on the street. However it does not always pick up people in our driveway, or entry areas until they have already passed (seeing them at last couple of seconds before departing zone). Not sure there is much I can do here due to the limitations of the zone controls. Photo of my current zones is shown in attached photo as they suggested.

The other issue is the spotlight camera lights never go on. We think it may be due to the bright porch lights we have (about 20 feet away from camera location) and the uplight that is below the camera (about 7 feet below camera). We get night vision but no spotlighting comes on. Will be testing with all the front lights out to see if that activates it. If it does it must be our lighting, if not then the camera. I am not willing to turn off our exterior lights at night, at least the front porch area.